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A big thank you to everyone who has pledged and supported Change Day. We encourage you to DO your pledge and inspire others with the difference it made. Please go to your individual pledges and click 'DO' when completed.

NHS Change Day is a frontline led movement; the largest of its kind, with a shared purpose of improving health and care. Our mission is to inspire and mobilise people everywhere, staff, patients and the public to do something better together to improve care for people.

The first NHS Change Day, which took 
place last March, was unprecedented. It was a 'game changer' that provided the amazing grassroots momentum so many staff, patients and people working within the NHS needed. Anyone can get involved to pledge something that will make a difference, no matter how big or small. A pledge could be part of your everyday routine or something extraordinary. It's simple, just think of something personal to you and make a pledge or join an existing one below. Every voice counts and every pledge matters. 

We would like to hear about the impact and the difference your 2014 pledge has made. So, when you have completed it, we encourage you to inspire others with your story of what impact it made on patients, on you or your practice and to make your pledge everyday practice. Please log in to your profile and click the 'DO' button on your pledge once complete to share your story!

Join the movement and make a pledge.

Your pledge balloon will light up when you make a pledge!

Spread the word and encourage others

Your share balloon will light up when you share your pledge with others through our social media platforms (on registration) you can share on every page

You can do your pledge anytime that suits you before, on, or after Change Day.

Your do balloon will light up when you've honoured your pledge and tell us what happened by pressing the 'Do' button on your MY PAGE in the pledge view section.

Your story will appear in the home page in the 'story of the week' page

Your inspire balloon will light up when you inspire others with the impact and difference your pledge has made and 1 other person joins and 10 people like your pledge.


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