power on green buttonWhat will your action be?

NHS Change Day is our opportunity to come together and harness our collective energy, creativity and ideas to make a change. Together each of our small actions will make a big difference in improving the care and wellbeing of those who use the NHS. Even though NHS Change Day 2015 has passed, you can still take action and share it. Change happens every day, not just on NHS Change Day, and you can still make a change and log your actions on the website.

What can you DO?

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Visit the website to discover brilliant change stories that are happening across the NHS and follow #100daysofchange stories on Twitter and Facebook. Share all positive changes that you are making on changeday.nhs.uk.

How are we coming together to make a difference?

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1 December 2014 marked 100 days until NHS Change Day 2015. Every day from Monday 1 December until Wednesday 11 March we shared inspiring stories of change on our website and through social media.

The #100daysofchange campaign created the build-up for NHS Change Day 2015. Its purpose was to reflect the diversity of changes that can happen within the NHS (and beyond) and show that change doesn’t just happen on a single day. This is important as the emphasis on NHS Change Day 2015 is to recognise changes that have taken place rather than be the day that they take place.

Through #100daysofchange we hope to connect people from across the NHS to share good ideas and inspire action. This is our opportunity to promote positive action that will become part of the story of how the NHS is changing. Let’s give each other the permission to do something better.

Three Good Reasons to get involved

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1. You’ve got an idea you believe could make something a bit better, or a lot better, and you’re ready to try it.

2. You’ve got a change happening you’d like to get others behind.

3. You want to connect with other like-minded people — make new friends, be part of a growing network to get and give help, support and inspiration.

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Remember why you joined the NHS?

Take a moment to remind yourself: what was it about the NHS that first made you want to be part of it? The NHS is you and the 1.2 million people like you. We’re all passionate about helping people.

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If each of us makes one small change, together we can change how the world works.

In the frustrating moments when we see that things aren’t happening in the best way, we can start on the small change actions that — in time, and with the help of others — overcome the things that were getting in our way.


calendar icon about pageWhat happened on Wednesday 11 March?

On Wednesday 11 March we lit up the country with actions. Hundreds of people logged the actions that they were making to improve health and social care.

Local activities took place across the country to recognise the positive changes that have resulted due to the actions people have taken.

A 12 hour, online broadcast, called the Changeathon, took place, to discuss and celebrate change. You can still view all 12 hours of the changeathon.

question mark about pageWhat’s an action?

This is a bit different from last year. In 2014 we asked people to give pledges for change. This year, we’re asking people to tell us about change they’ve actually started. Most changes have got a lot of steps, so if all you’ve done is take the first step of discussing it with one other person, we still want you to tell us. Even though NHS Change Day has passed, you can still take your first step to making changes for the better. Start right now by dreaming, planning, or just getting cross with something you don’t like — whatever your favourite style of change is.

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