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rsz_kamsy_ugenyi_patienttency_george_practice_nurse_beckton_-_37We’re counting down to NHS Change Day 2015 with 100 stories of change, highlighting change that is shaping the world of health and care in the UK and beyond.

And we want to share your stories of change. Share any action you’ve started, even if that’s beginning to make plans with colleagues. Then come back regularly to update it, and to see what other people are doing.

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Story 43


27 Jan 2015 Barts Health NHS Trust

Barts Health NHS Trust pledged that ‘when our staff speak, we are going to do our very best to listen and we will respond to the benefit of colleagues, our community and, most of all, to enhance care for our patients.’ Here they explain how they are doing this.

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Look fwd to meeting @RivkahMiar and colleagues on Thursday. The #100daysofchange story that day might be very relevant! #dementiachallengers
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