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We hope that you’ve enjoyed the fantastic Changeathon!  Thank you for making this incredible event possible and for lighting up the world with positive actions of change! Please continue to share your pledges and the changes you are making! DO-SHARE-INSPIRE!

If you missed the live event, don’t worry! You can catch up on all of the inspiring stories and see all of the footage by watching the event here

You can still join our campaigns via the campaigns page and continue to support them!

If you pledged last year, you can now log in with your old details (it will give you a new password if you’ve forgotten yours) and remind yourself of what you’ve promised. Why not convert this into an Action for 2015, by telling us what you’ve done on the Actions page? Events are starting to happen across the country. Email us at changeday@nhsiq.nhs.uk to find out what’s happening near you, or to tell us about your event.

Small actions lots of people big change

We’ve now completed all 100 days of change, highlighting change that is shaping the world of health and care in the UK and beyond. But don’t despair — 100days Extra will be back after Change Day.

And we want to share your stories of change. Share any action you’ve started, even if that’s beginning to make plans with colleagues.

Got a great story we haven’t covered yet? Tell us about it: changeday@nhsiq.nhs.uk.  Shared your action on this site? Tweet it, Facebook it, tell your friends.

To help you, we’ve got some great resources in our Getting Started Pack (pdf) and our Ridiculously Easy Guides.


Story 105

Using patients’ names

24 Mar 2015 Annabeth van Stroe

Annabeth van Stroe is an Obstetric and Gynaecological Nurse at the Zaans Medisch Centrum, in The Netherlands. As a Dutch Nurse she has been following NHS ChangeDay with a lot of interest, and when Change Day also started in the Netherlands she immediately became an ambassador of it. Here is her pledge for Change Day.

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Our Students fully support #NHSChangeDay! thunderclap.it/projects/23084… We are excited to see the overall result of CHANGE!

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