Tweet Chat #NHSChangeDay Tuesday 3 March 19:00

With activity and actions flooding in, join us for our second Tweet Chat #NHSChangeDay on Tuesday at 19:00. Never tweet chatted before? Just load up Twitter, make sure you’re following the #NHSChangeDay hash tag, and post your thoughts to that tag. We want to hear what you are doing, what other people are doing, what’s inspiring you, what you want to change, and who you would most like to network with.

You can now join our campaignsvia the campaigns page — we’re releasing new campaigns now every few days. Don’t forget to hold the date for the Changeathon on 11 March, our 7am to 7pm live video event. If you pledged last year, you can now log in with your old details (it will give you a new password if you’ve forgotten yours) and remind yourself of what you’ve promised. Why not convert this into an Action for 2015, by telling us what you’ve done on the Actions page? Events are starting to happen across the country. Email us at changeday@nhsiq.nhs.uk to find out what’s happening near you, or to tell us about your event.

rsz_kamsy_ugenyi_patienttency_george_practice_nurse_beckton_-_37Keep coming back here for your daily dose of 100 days of change, highlighting change that is shaping the world of health and care in the UK and beyond.

And we want to share your stories of change. Share any action you’ve started, even if that’s beginning to make plans with colleagues. Then come back regularly to update it, and to see what other people are doing.

Got a great story we haven’t covered yet? Tell us about it: changeday@nhsiq.nhs.uk.  Shared your action on this site? Tweet it, Facebook it, tell your friends.

To help you, we’ve got some great resources in our Getting Started Pack (pdf) and our Ridiculously Easy Guides.


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04 Mar 2015 Mike Bright

I run an initiative called Help From Home that promotes and encourages people to participate in bite-sized microvolunteering actions. Microvolunteering is easy, no commitment, on-demand actions that can be completed in under 30 minutes, and which benefit worthy causes.

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