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rsz_kamsy_ugenyi_patienttency_george_practice_nurse_beckton_-_37The countdown to NHS Change Day has begun with #100daysofchange, where we’ll be sharing daily stories of action on the website. We have also launched the refreshed NHS Change Day website. Look out for exciting developments on this site over the next month. 

Every day between 1 December and Wednesday 11 March we will publish a story about individuals and organisations, who have made changes or who are making the change right now and the effects their changes have had.

On the 1 January you’ll be able to tell us about the actions you are working on and log this on our website to share with and inspire others. If you have feedback on the site or have a story about a change email us on changeday@nhsiq.nhs.uk.

In the lead up to and on Wednesday 11 March local activities will be taking place to recognise the positive changes that have resulted due to the actions people have taken.

Our time has come.

What we do and how we do it, is up to us.


Story 80

80 - Damian Roland

What’s it like to be on a spinal board?

21 Dec 2014 Damian Roland

Paediatrician Damian Roland’s NHS Change Day 2014 pledge was to spend an hour lying on a spinal board, in a collar and block, to experience what his patients go through.

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Adam Bojelian is a 14 year old boy with cerebral palsy, who has been in and out of hospital for most of his life....
80 #100DaysofChange @Damian_Roland pledge made him feel sick and gave him a diff perspective of the world around him changeday.nhs.uk/story80
Especially as should think twice about using spinal boards at all! m.emj.bmj.com/content/30/12/… #NHSChangeDay sharing learning @NHSChangeday
Nearly a year ago #NHSChangeDay inspired me to start donating platelets. Yesterday marked my 25th milestone donation pic.twitter.com/emyXkeiQNn
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Story 80 #100DaysofChange @Damian_Roland lay on a spinal board to experience what his patients go through changeday.nhs.uk/story80
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